Our Church Services

Sunday services are held at 9.45 am and 6.30pm every Sunday apart from the Sunday following Christmas Day when there is only a 9.45am service. In the morning music is normally provided by the use of an electric piano and in the evening by our superb pipe organ. The type of music used at morning services tends to suit a wider age range whilst the evening service sees a more traditional congregation in attendance.

In addition to our normal services there are also special services held at appropriate times throught the year. These will be published on the website and in the Parish Magazine which is published monthly. 

On the first Sunday of the month the morning service is usually All Age Worship which includes worship suitable for young children as well as adults. This is also the service at which Baptisms are carried out.

Our main service each Sunday is a service of Holy Communion. This is held in the morning on most Sundays but there are also evening services of Holy Communion on a regular basis. Again details of these are announced in the Parish Magazine and will also be published on the calendar section of the website.
The Communion Services vary during the year to use the seasonal Liturgy, Readings and Eucharistic Prayers.  

When the Communion Service is held in the evening the morning service is one of Morning Prayer again using seasonal Liturgy, Readings and Prayers taken from the Book of Common Worship. Likewise when the morning service is Holy Communion the evening service is one of Evening Prayer following the same liturgical pattern as Morning Prayer.

During morning services there is someone available to run a Sunday School class for younger children except during August.

In a month which has five Sundays both morning and evening services are normally services of Holy Communion but there are occasions when we hold a Songs of Praise service.

On the third Sunday of every month and on Easter Day and Christmas Day we hold a spoken service of Holy Communion using the 1662 Book of Common Prayer. This service starts at 8.30am and takes approximately 45 minutes.

During the week at 9.15am there is a short spoken service of Morning Prayer on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday which is led by one of our Lay Readers and consists of Liturgy, Lectionary Readings, Collects, and Prayers. These services are followed by coffee and a time of fellowship.

Each Wednesday morning at 10.00am we hold a service of Holy Communion using the same service booklets as the Sunday services. This service is also followed by coffee, refreshments and fellowship.


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