August 2016

Sacred Discussion Group 6th August 2016

An early breakfast at 8.30am. was enjoyed by those who rose in time to benefit from a bright summer’s morning, the conversation prepared us for the discussion group beginning at 9.00am.

This month we have spent thirty days reading the First book of Samuel and learning the history of the Israelite people as they settled into the ‘Promised Land’, beginning with the leadership of the prophet Eli and the nurturing and growth of Samuel and moving on to the peoples request of God that he give them a king to rule them as the other nations had.

Despite God’s warning that a king would demand taxes and men to fight in his armies the people were certain that this was the way to unite their country and to become strong and influential.

Saul’s kingship was followed by that of David and we read in detail of the successes, failures and mistakes of each.

We looked at how God influenced David, who grew from the shepherd boy who slew the gigantic Philistine, Goliath, into a man of national pride and a warrior king, a man of integrity, who like many of us, found that he was not immune from sin as we shall see in Samuel 2.

We discussed whether we had personally experienced God, or his intermediaries, in our lives. Whether we had been reassured, supported, redirected, or even saved from injury by God’s intervention that some see as merely coincidence.

Becoming more aware of how God worked in the lives of the characters in the Bible gives us insight into how he can influence our lives, providing we are open to seeing and hearing, when he comes knocking on the door to our hearts.

All are invited to get up a little earlier during this bright summer and join us for delicious croissants, toast and home-made jam; and lively conversation to begin the day on Saturday September 3rd.


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