March 2017 Sacred Discussion

Sacred Discussion Group 4th March 2017

Breakfast began with the Grace as we thanked God for his bounty and for bringing us to his house to meet and share together.

The discussion group began with a moving prayer by an inmate of Aushwitz asking that we be prepared to learn from those who have betrayed and harmed us and to ask God’s blessing on them.

This was a difficult beginning, as was reading through 1 Kings with all the violence it contains had been a difficult task for this month. Another difficulty was highlighted, trying to keep up with the names of the kings who succeeded King David over the next one hundred and fifty years.

The easiest part was reading about Solomon and his rise and fall from grace as he accepted the wisdom God endowed him with, built the magnificent temple in Jerusalem to God’s exacting instructions, and to his glory, but complacency led him to disobey God’s word later in life.

Those who inherited the kingdom from Solomon went from bad to worse in their evil ways and their disobedience to God’s laws. Then came Elijah into this history, the man considered as the greatest of God’s prophets; the prophet tasked with turning the people back to God.

Elijah suffered many periods of dejection because of the task set for him by God. The people took no notice of his words, indeed he was persecuted by Queen Jezebel to the point of wishing to die. God spoke to Elijah in a still small voice of encouragement and sent angels to minister to him. We too can hear God speaking to us when we are troubled, when we quieten our hearts and listen carefully to him, when we come to him in prayer.

The psalms this month showed us how David repented when God used Nathan to point out his sins. God judges and then forgives the penitent, it is not for us to judge. How difficult it is for us to forgive when we have been hurt, but this is the teaching of the New Testament. Jesus is our example, as he was dying he asked for forgiveness for those who crucified him.

We finished by looking at Paul’s Letter to the Galatians which is all about getting along with each other and allowing differences in the cultures to be acceptable. God’s grace is a gift to all who love him and want to serve him. Human effort may demonstrate our faith but it is God’s grace that saves us.

Join us on Saturday 1st April at 8.30 or 9.00 as we meet again to share our experiences of God’s word.


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