October 2016

Sacred Discussion Group 1st October 2016

October began on Saturday dark and wet, by comparison Sunday was wall to wall sunshine, a little like our lives with it’s ups and downs.

For those who are following the Sacred bible study notes we have just completed the ninth month by reading the Gospel of St Luke, we began nine months ago with the shortest and earliest Gospel of St Mark.

Luke, was an educated man, he wrote in Greek and St Paul refers to him as a doctor, he examined all his evidence and was convinced of it’s authenticity before he put his name and reputation to his gospel, or his recording of the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Our readings to date have been interspersed with Psalms, the songs of the Old Testament; songs which reflect our lives, our joys and our sorrows, our victories and our failures, songs which sympathize with us and also lift us up to show us that we all share these experiences.

Luke’s gospel too is full of joy and rejoicing as are the songs which he includes, Mary’s Song, The Magnificat; Zechariah’s Song,( John the Baptist’s father), The Benedictus; the priest Simeon’s words as he blessed the baby Jesus in the temple, The Nunc Dimitus. All these songs have been sung through the ages, in church services, by choirs, wherever music is appreciated these songs have risen and continue to rise to the heavens with rejoicing.

Throughout Luke’s gospel he has written with joy the parables and miracles of Jesus, he tells of the joy and thanks of the healed; he detailed the last, sorrowful, days of Jesus’ life, leading to the crucifixion, but finished his gospel story with the joy of the resurrection and the hope shown in Jesus’ many appearances and the wonder of his ascension to heaven.

Luke showed special interest in the Holy Spirit and mentions this third member of the Trinity more than any other gospel writer and we have read of his activity particularly surrounding Jesus’ birth and anointing for ministry.

Luke went on to write of his journeys with St Paul as they shared the Good News with the world outside Israel in the Book of Acts; this is for another time.

This joyful gospel shows Jesus Christ coming into the world to bring peace and love, it is a gospel well worth smiling about!

Join us when we meet again for breakfast at 8.30 on Saturday 5th November.

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